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ALPA Precision L.L.P is a manufacturing facility that has proudly serviced the Houston-area oil and gas industry since 1981.


We utilize a wide variety of CNC, EDM, and conventional machines to produce whatever our customers request. Our experienced machinists create products for all sectors of the industry, from simple designs to one of a  kind  prototypes. We excel in working with difficult and exotic metals, including Inconel, Titanium and MP35. 

At ALPA Precision L.L.P., we strive to provide clients with outstanding products and prompt service at economical prices. We welcome orders of all kinds--large or small, simple or complex, a single unit or a thousand--and pledge to complete each with the accuracy and timeliness our customers need for success. We place a high priority on providing a safe working environment and continued training and development for our employees. Our goal is to meet your manufacturing requirements and exceed your expectations for the highest quality products. 


ALPA Precision L.L.P manufactures prototype parts, as well as production jobs from all sectors of the energy industry. For more than 40 years now ALPA Precision L.L.P. stands to be one of the top independent machine shops in Houston, with an outstanding service and prestigious clients.

The newest addition to our shop with larger machines and increased capacity to better serve our clients

Owner of ALPA Precision LLP, Alberto Lozano

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